Published on June 30, 2022

Moving can be an exciting time. As you get ready for your move, it’s important to remember moving may impact your health insurance coverage options and savings. Don’t forget to update your application to get the best plan and right amount of savings available to you and your household in your new area.

Your next steps depend on where you move

When you move to a new state:

  • You can’t keep the same plan from your old state. It’s important to let us know about out-of-state moves right away, so you don’t have a break in coverage and continue to pay for coverage that doesn’t apply in your new state.
  • To get coverage in your new state, you need to start a new Marketplace application and enroll in a plan in your new state. How you apply depends on whether your new state uses HealthCare.gov or its own website.
  • Apply for Marketplace coverage in your new state.

If you move within the same state:


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