Vitamin D supplements in winter

In the winter, people who work indoors may not see sunlight before or after work and when they are outside, their body is covered up with warm clothing. This prevents the body from getting enough sunlight exposure, even on sunny days. 

The NHS also advises people to take Vitamin D supplements from September to March, covering the coldest and darkest weather when skin is buried under layers of thick clothing. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, supplements should be taken March to September. 

A new research review titled ‘Vitamin D: The challenge of bridging the gap and the rationale for supplementation‘, published in The Food and Nutrition Journal, advises Vitamin D supplementation.

“It is crucial to prevent deficiency and ensure that 25(OH)D levels (believed to be the best indicator of Vitamin D supply to the body) are at least 25 nmol/litre, and possibly even 50 nmol/litre. This can be achieved reliably only by Vitamin D supplementation across the population,” said HSIS GP Dr Nisa Aslam.

Whatever season you’re in, the sun is an essetial part of good health – not too much sunlight on the skin and not too little. 


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