According to CEOWORLD magazine, 35 countries don’t even have one nurse or midwife per 1,000 people. Countries with less than 3 nurse/midwife per 10,000 people are Somalia (1.13), Cameroon (1.93), Chad (1.98), Sierra Leone (2.04), Niger (2.02), Central African Republic (2.35), Equatorial Guinea (2.7), Benin (2.91), and Madagascar (2.92).

Nurses and midwives are essential to healthcare and accessibility, especially in rural parts of the world where they are often the only medical support available. Doctors are more expensive and tend to be located in more urban areas. Without nurses and midwives, it would be much more difficult to combat contagious and vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles, tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

These professionals provide early screening, prevention and treatment support to individuals who otherwise would not have access to healthcare. Their contribution to improved public health worldwide does not end with the disease. They also contribute to improving maternal and newborn health.

Countries that need nurses and midwives the most, 2023

Nurses and Midwives (per 10,000 population)

Rank Country Region Nurses and Midwives (per 10,000 population)
1 Somalia Eastern Mediterranean 1.13
2 Cameroon Africa 1.93
3 Chad Africa 1.98
4 Sierra Leone Africa 2.04
5 Niger Africa 2.22
6 Central African Republic Africa 2.35
7 Equatorial Guinea Africa 2.7
8 Benin Africa 2.91
9 Madagascar Africa 2.92
10 Senegal Africa 3.57



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