Amazon continues to bolster its workforce for its push into healthcare. Here are 11 healthcare-related jobs the tech giant is hiring for this month.

1. Principal Solutions Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences: Will help craft highly scalable, flexible and resilient cloud architectures that address customer business problems and accelerate the adoption of Amazon Web Services. Salary range: $146,200 to $284,300.

2. Manager, Security Engineering, Amazon Healthcare Security: Will help evolve the technology security and risk processes that power the core health business services and fulfillment engines. Salary range: $140,100 to $272,400.

3. Manager, Solutions Architecture: Will help healthcare startups innovate, execute and run their businesses on Amazon Web Services. Salary range: $135,200 to $262,800.

4. Senior Application Security Engineer, Amazon Healthcare Security: Will ensure the data Amazon collects and generates is secure from unauthorized access, and that devices and systems are secure, resilient and compliant. Salary range: $136,000 to $247,600.

5. Principal – Behavioral Health, Global Benefits Team: Will work to solve problems that address the mental health and substance use disorder treatment needs of Amazon employees and their families. Salary range: $144,700 to $239,100.

6. Senior Product Manager – Tech, Amazon Pharmacy: Will help define the vision, strategy and roadmap for the customer-facing product. Salary range: $121,000 to $235,200.

7. Software Development Engineer, Health Store Front and Shared Tech: Will engineer systems and build reliable and secure services for healthcare. Salary range: $115,000 to $223,600.

8. Application Security Engineer, Amazon Healthcare Security: Will help create and execute security controls, defenses and countermeasures to intercept and prevent internal or external cyberattacks. Salary range: $135,500 to $212,800.

9. Program Manager, Amazon Pharmacy: Will lead Drug Supply Chain Security Act policy and ensure that all vendors are meeting the requirements. Salary range: $59,300 to $142,800.

10. Principal Enterprise Sales Lead, Amazon Web Services: Will have healthcare experience working with and presenting to C-level executives, IT, and lines of businesses across organizations. Salary range: not listed.

11. Revenue Cycle Manager, Healthcare, Financial Operations Services: Will develop and implement programs and systems to optimize patient flow and revenue. Salary range: not listed.


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