Amidst the explosion of interest generated from the launch of publicly available large language models, there has been a widespread realization of the potential value of information and insights previously trapped within unstructured medical records. Many use cases and applications are being proposed and tested, from population health to precision medicine, document creation and summarization and disease progression prediction.

In this webinar – Dr Yacoubian will present real world examples of Natural Language Processing being deployed and used in healthcare and discuss generative AI in the context of an evolving field of AI that is already being used extensively within healthcare settings.

This webinar will cover use cases such as real time screening for Social Determinants of Health from patients’ medical records, the use of NLP to drive research in precision medicine and oncology, and human in the loop workflows that enable NLP to impact both clinical care, and administrative use cases.


Calum Yacoubian
Director of NLP Healthcare Strategy at IQVIA

Celeste Adams
NLP Application Scientist at IQVIA


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