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NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 11: A Vietnam veteran holds up an American flag and a POW flag during the 87th Veterans Day Parade November 11, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Suicide remains the second leading cause of death for veterans under the age of 45 and U.S. veterans are at an increased risk of suicide compared to other people. Amid this backdrop, many groups are working the help veterans heal and find help when in crisis. On Veteran Suicide Awareness Day, NewsNation’s special coverage is aimed at elevating the voices of veterans, their loved ones and caregivers fighting on the frontlines at home.

(NewsNation) — To help veterans more easily get help if they need support and care, NewsNation has listed some resources below, including support information shared by care providers, family members and other veterans who participated in our coverage of suicide prevention for Veteran Suicide Awareness Day. 

  • 988 Lifeline (press 1 for veterans) — Here you will find veteran-specific information on how to ask for help, how to take care of yourself and how family and friends can help. 
  • Veteran Crisis Line — A 24-hour support line for veterans and their loved ones. 
  • Stop Soldier Suicide — Get mental health support, referrals, education and training and hear personal stories of survival. 
  • Be the One: American Legion — Learn how to help veterans in need and how to spot when someone is in crisis. 
  • Buddy Check: American Legion — Get information on how to set up Buddy Check meetings to connect those who may need help with someone to talk too, refer help and check in on. 
  • VFW Mental Wellness — Find resources to help change stigma around mental health and other resources. 
  • Veterans Affairs — Get information about emergency support, resources for family members, care options and coverage explanations. 
  • VA Caregiver Support Program — Find clinical care options for eligible veterans and education, resources, support, and services. 
  • R.A.C.E. Suicide Prevention — Learn how to spot signs of potential suicidal behavior and how to approach the person. 

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