The first-of-its-kind healthcare app development and deployment platform-as-a-service includes a suite of services to simplify data aggregation and access through HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) APIs. Using MeldRx, developers can quickly and easily create apps that work across multiple EHRs and encourage the flow of data across the healthcare continuum without constraints –providing unparalleled access to healthcare information.  

Healthcare app developers face a growing array of challenges related to getting new solutions out the door. Building an app that integrates with a multitude of EHR systems across healthcare organizations requires significant development work and testing for each EHR. While standards like FHIR enable interoperability, not all EHR vendors implement them consistently. This can limit out-of-the-box connectivity for apps. To overcome these barriers, developers need a platform-based approach that reduces EHR complexity and provides shared services for development, testing, integration, and compliance.

MeldRx makes it easy to create apps using HL7® FHIR® interoperability standards. With MeldRx:

  • Developers can build their apps once and integrate and deploy across multiple EHRs.
  • Healthcare providers can create custom solutions that work with their existing EHR systems.
  • Healthcare payers can develop new data analytics tools with seamless data exchange from patients and providers.
  • EHR companies can expand their app network and bring new features to their customers using MeldRx’s plug-and-play developer features.

“MeldRx puts the power of healthcare innovation in the hands of the people who confront its challenges daily,” said Pawan Jindal, MD, Founder and CEO of Darena Solutions. “From the clinicians who identify system lapses to the patients facing them head-on, to researchers digging deeper, and the analysts unveiling intricate data stories, every visionary stakeholder can see their idea come to fruition.”

MeldRx allows apps to link to any external FHIR APIs in real time using SMART specifications. In addition to the SMART flows, MeldRx supports Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Hooks to enable seamless integration with existing clinical workflows. MeldRx also includes a data vault to allow aggregation and access of unstructured data and non-FHIR data, thus enabling a comprehensive longitudinal record.  

The Drummond Group, a provider of interoperability and security testing, certification, assessment, and advisory services for the health and commerce IT industries, recently announced MeldRx as one of the two platforms it will use for its FHIR Client Certification Program. The program allows developers to create, test, and certify their apps against a reference MeldRx FHIR API.

“We are pleased to have the MeldRx platform serving as a reference server implementation in our new FHIR Client Certification Program. This new program required technology to support our vision of bringing interoperability testing and clarity to the FHIR ecosystem, and Darena Solutions delivered,” said John Valutkevich, Director of Programs for Drummond.

“MeldRx fills a crucial gap for app developers, enabling them to confidently bring their innovations to market,” commented Patrick Schiess, President and CISO of Darena Solutions. “Through our collaboration with Drummond, healthcare app users can find peace of mind knowing that the apps they trust to access their healthcare data have been rigorously vetted and tested. We are allowing a seamless transition for developers to go from development and certification to market introduction of their app.”

MeldRx is now available for early access. To learn more about how MeldRx can help streamline the deployment of healthcare apps, get early access, or schedule a demo, visit meldrx.com. For a hands-on experience with MeldRx, visit Darena Solutions at HLTH23 (booth #5826).


Darena Solutions delivers an ecosystem of FHIR® enabled interoperability, regulatory compliance, and analytics solutions to EHRs, providers, and payers. In addition to MeldRx, Darena Solutions provides regulatory solutions MyMipsScore and BlueButtonPRO. MyMipsScore is one of the leading solutions for MIPS that, as a CMS Qualified Registry, supports all eCQMs and registry measures. BlueButtonPRO was the nation’s first 2015 Edition ONC-certified FHIR API solution and has one of the largest listings of live FHIR APIs as per the HealthIT.gov Lantern Dashboard. By creating channels for data sharing between providers, payers, and patients, Darena enables healthcare organizations to achieve interoperability compliance and derive insights for prospective decision-making, resulting in better patient outcomes. Connect with us on LinkedIn and X.

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