Its goal – to package, label, and deliver needed prescriptions without unnecessary fees.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A local organization is looking to make health care more accessible to its customer’s needs.

After seeing a vast need in their community, The Golden Triangle Planning and Development District rolled out a closed-door pharmacy.

Its goal is to package, label, and deliver needed prescriptions without unnecessary fees.

After years of working within the community, the Executive Director for  The Golden Triangle Planning and Development District, Rudy Johnson saw two needs with their customers.

They struggle to get access to their medications and financial insecurity.

“When we would go into the homes we would hear can you go pick up my prescription drugs for us. If you are living off 300 dollars a month 400 dollars a month in social security and you live by yourself and don’t have any support which we see every day. They’ve got to make a choice if they are going to pay the water bill if they are going to eat if they are going to pay their electricity so that person is going to have to go without,” Johnson said.

Through its closed-door pharmacy, Home Health Technician Tiffany Gilliand said the organization is looking to solve that problem by labeling, packaging, and delivering prescriptions without any extra fees.

“On the box of medicine, it will have the patient’s name, the day of the week for the patient to take the medicine, and the times. For instance, all of their morning medicine would be packaged together, their noon medicine would be packaged together, and their PM medicine,” Gilliand said.

The organization will go into the homes every 28 days to do a refill.

Gilland is able to make sure patients are on track with their medications and if not, she is able to get them needed assistance.

“We kind of call the doctor sometimes and give them a heads up. A lot of them have home health nurses we try to stay in contact with and we just try to keep them stable,” Gilliand said.

The program allows community members access to healthcare from the comfort of their own homes.

“It’s a great program too because it kind of just keeps the patients in the home. It’s so important and it is such a help for the caretaker as well because we have so many patients that have family that live off so whenever we go into the home we can see when their dose time is and make sure they are on the correct day and that they are taking their medicine,” Gilliand said.

The program does stay in contact with the patients and doctors to know about changes in medications

There is no fee for delivering or packaging the medicines but customers are responsible for meeting their co-pays.

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