In this episode of the Rethink Healthcare podcast, host Brian Urban is joined by Dr. Steven Lane, Chief Medical Officer of Health Gorilla.

Health Gorilla is revolutionizing interoperability within the healthcare ecosystem by enabling seamless data exchange and faster access to information.

Urban and Lane discuss:

  1. the importance of interoperability and data exchange in healthcare, as well as the need for patients to have access to their own health information.
  2. Patient engagement challenges due to various factors such as technological limitations, multiple health IT systems, and the need for flexible solutions that cater to different individuals’ needs.
  3. Creating an app ecosystem that allows patients to choose the tools they prefer for interacting with their healthcare team and streamlining workflows such as messaging, refill requests, result check-ups, bill payment, and more.

Dr. Lane emphasizes the importance of interoperability in today’s healthcare landscape, where patients receive care from multiple providers using different EMR systems. Seamless data exchange is crucial for delivering coordinated and patient-centered care.

He also highlights the significance of patient engagement in healthcare delivery. Patients are increasingly aware of their treatment paths and seek to be actively involved in their care decisions. However, challenges such as disparate technology systems, lack of awareness, and overwhelming patient engagement tools hamper effective communication between doctors and patients.

Dr. Lane believes that building a strong doctor-patient relationship based on trust is essential for fostering engagement. Providing patients with secure channels to communicate with their care team encourages active participation and enables better health outcomes. He acknowledges that patient portals have limitations but emphasizes that patients appreciate having a safe space to connect with their healthcare providers.

Driven by this understanding, he continues to advocate for improved access to information through modern APIs and user-friendly applications. Dr. Lane’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of interoperability and patient engagement in healthcare delivery. By embracing new technologies and innovative solutions like those offered by Health Gorilla, the industry can create a future where healthcare is truly patient-centered.


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