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“Udo’s technology is a solution that enhances care coordination in large healthcare systems. Far from a mere email alternative, it provides real-time patient content, paving the way for better outcomes through improved collaboration. This is the digital innovation we’ve awaited to transform patient care.”  

– Dr. Scott Whittle, Former Behavioral Health Director, Select Health

“So many family members ask me, ‘why don’t all facilities have Udo?’ I can’t answer that question, but I would hate to be in a facility that doesn’t have Udo, especially when they receive a patient from us. It’s like going back into the dark after seeing the light.”

-Kathy Hurban, Aspen Ridge

Investment Details:

Secure mobile communications platform

Company: Udo www.udo.com

Location: Utah

Category: Advanced Tech Communications

Share Price: $3

Valuation: $30MM

Seeking: $1.5MM – 4.5MM

Opportunity: Equity Available

Sponsoring Team: Wasatch First Consulting

The Challenge: Bridging Healthcare Gaps

The contemporary healthcare landscape grapples with persisting communication gaps that impact every facet of the sector:

Medical Errors: There’s been a surge in medical oversights and organizational inefficiencies.

Patient Dilemmas: Individuals often struggle to navigate the complex healthcare ecosystem, leading to compromised wellness outcomes.

Professional Burnout: Frontline healthcare workers face escalating pressure, heightened burnout rates, and growing detachment from their crucial roles.

Mental Health Struggles: Post-global health crises, mental health disorders and depression rates among healthcare workers have skyrocketed.

A Revolutionary Solution

Udo’s vision to launch further into healthcare solutions by integrating machine learning into their application. This move promises to provide higher quality standards of care, assist with diagnosing, and generate overall better treatment outcomes.

Key Offerings:

1. Seamless Communication: Bid farewell to lengthy waiting times and convoluted paperwork. The platform facilitates real-time video updates, ensuring that all stakeholders, from patients and families to healthcare professionals, remain informed and engaged.

2. Holistic Care Management: From the inception of care to its culmination, the platform guarantees unwavering technical service quality.

3. Advanced Tech Integration: Equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning tools, including data analytics and video technology, the platform pledges to transform communication. A dedicated engineering team will harness AI and data science to revolutionize Udo’s healthcare tech.

Feature-rich Interface:

For Users: A secure space for video and text interactions, integrated documentation tools, instant notifications, and direct access to support teams.

For Professionals: An advanced mobile interface, user-centric communication utilities, and an innovative B2B SaaS setup. The platform is set to introduce a pioneering two-sided marketplace feature.

Beyond Healthcare: Universal Potential

This platform’s versatility extends far beyond healthcare. It is poised to redefine how businesses engage with individual clients and deliver direct-to-client services across industries.

The Team, The Tech, The Market:

Our Expert Team: Launched in 2019, original Founders Dr. Ryan Facer and Danny Frasure bring 4 years of seasoned and refined experience to Udo. With a deep network, and tested product, the owners and team have a passionate focus on the expansion of Udo’s application. Notably, partnering with Wasatch First Consulting, a Fractional Service Firm, in order to expand their technology and networking capabilities.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Armed with a machine learning-driven digital platform and a commitment to continuous advancement in machine learning, data analytics, and video technology, our engineers are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of communication technology.

Market Potential: In 2021, the mental and behavioral healthcare market exceeded $79 billion, with a projected CAGR of 30%. The quest for mental health solutions is only set to intensify in the face of contemporary challenges.

Growth Perspective: With collaborations across diverse networks and an ambitious roadmap, this platform is poised to redefine the way we perceive digital communication. For those looking to join us on this transformative journey, it’s an opportunity to not just invest but also to shape the future of streamlined, empathetic communication.

Become an Investment Partner: 

Udo is offering a tangible solution to some of today’s most pressing challenges. By becoming an investment partner, you’ll play a pivotal role in reshaping communication across industries, starting with healthcare.

Embrace the future of communication technology. Dive deep into a market teeming with potential.

Invest Today

For more information and investment inquiries, please contact Wasatch First Consulting at 801-390-8001 or https://wasatchfirst.com/nextgeninvest/ Also visit www.udo.com. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the future of communication technology.

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