After months of preparation, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) staff celebrated the rollout of MHS GENESIS, the new Electronic Health Record for the Defense Health Agency, on Sept. 23, 2023.

MHS GENESIS serves as a single health record for service members, veterans, and their families, and provides secure technology for patients to manage their health information.

Dr. Angela Karnes-Padron, LRMC’s change management lead for MHS GENESIS, worked with staff to ensure that the transition minimized disruptions in care.

“In times of transformation, healthcare becomes the bridge between possibility and reality. With MHS GENESIS, we were not just updating records; we were authoring a new chapter in the saga of military healthcare, where innovation met dedication to deliver excellence,” she said.

In traditional German custom, hospital leaders, staff and beneficiaries gathered at LRMC’s DFAC to “tap” into MHS GENESIS by tapping into a non-alcoholic beverage keg, while welcoming the new EHR to LRMC and recognizing the contributions of team members and training accomplishments by all staff.

U.S. Air Force Col. Thomas J. Cantilina, Military Health System Chief Health Informatics Officer, emphasized the continuing evolution of healthcare as evidenced by regular updates to MHS GENESIS to meet the needs of patients and providers.

“What’s remarkable about MHS GENESIS is that it’s a unified system that covers (all aspects of healthcare) – from the ER to inpatient and outpatient platforms,” he said. “We are working on the capability to schedule appointments and do refills, which will enhance continuity of care for our patients, as all keeping medical records in one place.”

MHS GENESIS benefits include:

• Enhanced efficiency and coordination: Patient information is accessible in a unified electronic format, allowing medical staff to access comprehensive health records quickly. This seamless sharing of information across departments and facilities leads to enhanced care coordination, minimizing delays and ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate treatments.

• Improved patient engagement: The improved patient portal empowers beneficiaries to take a more active role in managing their health. Patients can access their medical records, lab results, and appointment schedules. The secure messaging feature enables direct communication with healthcare providers, fostering better doctor-patient relationships and facilitating quick responses to questions or concerns.

• Streamlined virtual care: The MHS Video Connect feature provides telemedicine video capabilities between patients and providers. This advancement offers patients greater convenience, especially those in remote locations or with mobility challenges.

• Increased safety and quality: The system’s standardized clinical processes and best-practice guidelines help medical staff make more informed decisions, reducing the likelihood of medical errors and improving patient safety overall.

• Leveraging data for better care: The platforms integrated with MHS GENESIS have the potential to uncover valuable insights and trends that providers can use to proactively address common health issues, implement preventive measures, and deliver personalized care plans.

• Advanced security measures: MHS GENESIS has robust security protocols to safeguard patient health information, ensuring strict compliance with privacy regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

“Simplified healthcare access means more convenience for both patients and staff. It’s about making healthcare interactions smoother and more efficient,” said Denver Ganzon, an information technology specialist at LRMC. “Patients can expect easier appointment scheduling and streamlined access to meet their healthcare needs.”

For more on MHS GENESIS, visit https://landstuhl.tricare.mil/Patient-Resources/MHS-GENESIS-Information-Portal

Date Taken: 09.23.2023
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