The HealthForce Kentucky mobile unit was unveiled Thursday morning, showcasing how the state-of-the-art simulator will help take healthcare training on the road and make a positive impact on that sector’s workforce.

The mobile unit, named HealthForce One, is a full-scale simulation center within the shell of a semi-truck trailer. Inside the trailer are simulation mannequins equipped with monitors, whiteboard walls, and an additional room that can simulate a hospital experience, including sounds and smells.

It will also provide virtual reality simulations to visualize bodily functions such as proper heartbeats and to teach anatomy.

“We know that we service many rural areas, and the center that we built in Owensboro won’t be as accessible to some as it is to those that are closer by,” said Bart Darrell, Chancellor of HealthForce Kentucky. “So we know this is a really important piece of taking high-level health, healthcare, education, and professional jobs thinking into people.”

The unit will travel through K-12 schools in a 16-county area surrounding Daviess County, plus several postsecondary institutions throughout the area.

The unit will have a reservation system that interested parties can utilize, a feature Darrell said is a part of wanting to make it as accessible as possible.

“We are making this as easy as we possibly can for people to find available dates and then request those dates and the type of training that meets their needs,” he said.

HealthForce One is already booked to go to Grayson County High School next week, and shortly after that it will be stationed in Owensboro for first responders to utilize.

The HealthForce Kentucky physical headquarters will be located at 2511 Frederica Street. Darrell said they are already working on priming and preparing the vacated space for renovations. It’s expected to be finished in 2024. 

Darrell said that the unveiling of HealthForce One also comes one year after the announcement of the program’s vision as a whole.

“It’s a really exciting time for Owensboro, and this region, to have such an innovative project,” he said. “All these partners are truly collaborating along with our state legislature to do something that is truly going to change the way health care professionals are trained in this part of Kentucky.”


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