By Chase Holmes, News Reporter

TRUSSVILLE — Cavalier Healthcare of Trussville held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 5.

Cavalier staff and community members gathered to cut the ribbon on their newest location (Photo by the Tribune)

Employees and community members gathered in mass to celebrate the ribbon cutting of their newest location in Trussville located at 119 Watterson Parkway.

Cavalier Healthcare specializes in skilled nursing, staff support, and community life for long-term residential and rehabilitation patients.  Cavalier acquired Trussville Health and Rehab in May before transitioning it to their own facility. The facility boast over 125 rooms for patients.

Karen Shelton, VP of Business Development, said that Cavalier was grateful for the warm welcome to Trussville.

“We’re very honored. We want to be the location of the community for people to bring their loved ones for skilled nursing, rehab and long term care. We’re looking forward to diving in with both feet and learning the community and doing the best we can.”

“Cavalier is excited to serve Trussville. We are excited about being the resource for this entire community whether it sis providing healthcare to our residents or providing a resource of knowledge of information and long term care and what we do. We want to open the doors up to the community,” said Brien Hubbard, President. “We want the community to hold us accountable for the care we give everyday. That’s how we want to operate and be the best we can be.”

For more information about Cavalier, visit their website at trussville.cavalierhealthcare.com.


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