The Senate is in its planned recess this week.

The House is in recess until notified.

With a successful motion to vacate the speaker on October 3, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) is currently serving as interim speaker pro tempore until a new speaker can be elected.

Two speaker candidates have been announced: Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), who is currently the Republican majority leader, which is a second-in-command post to the speaker, and Jim Jordan (R-OH), who is currently chair of the Judiciary Committee and was a founder of the Freedom Caucus.

House Republicans are planning to hold their internal Republican conference election for a new speaker on October 11. Reports indicate that they do not want a repeat of Rep. McCarthy’s multiple-vote House floor election in January, and thus they are currently working behind closed doors to come to an agreement on a candidate who can gain the 217 votes necessary to become the new speaker. If they achieve that on October 11, expect the House to meet soon after for the formal floor speaker election proceedings. If not, the House may stay in recess and new candidates could emerge.

Whoever becomes speaker will assume responsibility for setting the House’s agenda, which most immediately includes averting a shutdown before November 17—the day the current continuing resolution funding government expires. Neither of the current candidates have made healthcare a strong focus in their congressional careers. The advancement of key healthcare priorities, including the extensions of expiring healthcare programs, remains uncertain at this time.


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