Of the nation’s 16 most populated industries, registered nurses are projected to see the greatest increase in hourly pay when accounting for inflation, according to new research from telecommunications company TollFreeForwarding. 

Researchers used hourly earnings data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to forecast how wages will change for 16 professions by 2033. Researchers used the U.S. inflation calculator to adjust for inflation in 2023. Future projections were also adjusted using an estimated 10-year inflation rate of 2.13%. More details on the methodology can be found here

Projected wage changes over the next decade for three healthcare professions, based on the research: 

  • Registered nurses are projected to earn an adjusted $58.31 per hour by 2033, an increase of nearly $13 per hour. Out of the three healthcare professions included and when adjusted for inflation, RNs are the only ones expected to see a growth in earnings. 

  • Dentists are projected to earn $73.94 per hour by 2033, nearly $14 less than what they currently make when adjusted for inflation. 

  • Physicians are estimated to earn $118.62 per hour in 2033, the highest of all of the professions researched. This is nearly $3 less per hour from what they currently earn. 


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