MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Prodigal, the pioneer of AI-powered consumer finance intelligence, is delivering the benefits of ProNotes, its automated notes solution, to revenue cycle management teams through a new integration with Finvi Artiva HCx® for Webstation.

As part of Prodigal’s suite of solutions, ProNotes delivers AI-generated notes for payer and patient conversations, driven by its custom-trained AI Intent Engine.

“Manually taking notes for every payer and patient conversation steals focus from the patient and payer interactions and experiences,” said Aruna Nadesan, VP and Head of Products at Finvi. “Our new capability to offer AI-generated call notes through our integration with Prodigal ProNotes will help clients increase agent productivity and effectiveness. Instead of typing and talking, agents can focus on supporting positive financial outcomes.”

Prodigal’s proprietary AI Intent Engine is trained on more than 300 million consumer finance conversations. By using that in-depth knowledge, Prodigal’s AI can understand both the content and context of conversations, delivering value through unique strategic insights gleaned from patient and customer interactions, real-time agent assistance, streamlined QA and compliance, and conversation notes.

ProNotes incorporates Prodigal’s industry expertise to deliver summaries of interactions with patients and payers that Finvi Artiva HCx users can rely on to be clear, complete, and concise.

Using ProNotes allows representatives to give their full attention to patients and payers during calls, relieves them of laborious and potentially incomplete call notes, and allows them to review previous conversations and get up to speed quickly thanks to ProNotes’ standardized format.

And for managers and executives, the uniformity of Prodigal ProNotes allows them to quickly search conversations and see key call events and outcomes at a glance. The ability to convert unstructured conversations into structured data gives leaders visibility into conversation trends and outliers they can use to drive targeted training, better understand patient and payer needs, and refine business processes.

“Combining the power of Prodigal ProNotes with Finvi is a huge step forward for our shared customers. This seamless integration will help improve patient financial outcomes and operational efficiency by replacing risky, manual call notes with reliable, AI-generated conversation summaries. And this is only the start. Prodigal and Finvi are continuing to expand on our partnership by exploring additional solutions we can roll out later this year and into next,” said Shantanu Gangal, CEO and Founder of Prodigal.

About Prodigal

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Prodigal is the pioneer of AI-powered consumer finance intelligence. We use artificial intelligence to uncover opportunities from customer interactions in loan servicing, collections, auto finance, banking, healthcare RCM, and more.

Our solutions help teams improve revenue, reduce expenses, decrease risk, and gather insights to drive efficiency and effectiveness across their businesses. Nearly one in five U.S. borrowers has engaged with Prodigal over 300 million conversations, and we won’t rest until every player in the payments lifecycle experiences the relief of better communication, context, and clarity.

To learn more, visit ProdigalTech.com.

About Finvi

For more than 40 years, Finvi has been the premier provider of enterprise technologies that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for clients across healthcare, government, accounts receivable management, and financial institutions. Our innovative solutions are built on a distinctly human-centric approach to innovation and service. Through process automation and modern, compliance-minded communication and payment tools, Finvi enables thousands of clients to generate more revenue at reduced costs and fulfill their business goals by effectively engaging those who pay.

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