The Widow Maker Trail at Sprewell Bluff – Inside Georgia


Being within 25 minutes from my house, I could not believe what awesome hiking trails that Sprewell Bluff Park had to offer.

The first trail we hit, was a walk along river banks of the Flint. There is nothing better than hearing the water rushing over the rocks. Loved seeing the massive stones, (some I climbed up on) along the side of the river. Just a relaxing walk before hitting the uphill climb to the top of the mountain.

We were able to do a little bit of several trails. We did get a little confused and ended up on the “Widow Maker” trail. It was very challenging with a narrow, steep incline, rocky path along the side of the mountain overlooking the river. While it was a bit intense, I’m glad we made our way on this one. A few “get my breath” breaks were necessary, but those stops gave me some amazing views. Challenging and rewarding are great words to describe this trail.


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